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Nevron Open Vision is the only framework that helps you develop a portable and feature-rich presentation layer
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11 May 2015

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This is a presentation framework for use across platforms.

Nevron Open Vision is a cross-platform presentation layer for .NET. It is a browser like framework. It has a set of widgets as well as heavier components. This presentation framework lets you create presentation layer code that can be used without change on Windows, Mac, Silverlight, Android and iOS, etc. it is like the browser and has integration and virtualization features, but no limitations due to HTML as in the browsers. It runs on major OS platforms and meshes seamlessly with the .NET presentation layers. Developers, project managers as well as component vendors, can benefit from this package. This package can help create a uniform presentation layer that is identical across WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, WinRT, MonoMac, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS, etc. The required Data Structures, 2D graphics, imaging, W3C Level 3 DOM and CSS, support for TrueType and PDF and many others are created. With very few environmental dependencies, this framework can be migrated to any of the targeted devices.

NOV offers a complete set of data structures. NOV functions can then utilize these structures to get consistent results rather than by depending on what is offered by the .NET framework. Usually, these are faster than what is available in .Net. List, stack, queue, deque. Map, and linked list are structures implemented. Formulas help support NOV Diagram and NOV Spread that work like Visio and Excel. Formulas help in DOM Formula Expressions. Features of formulas include operators, functions, support for measures; support for scopes and variables, arrays, etc.; Formula engine has been optimized for performance. Extensive graphics support is provided. UI elements are available. Dashboard elements are offered, and it has a rich text editor. This is a very good too

Publisher's description

Nevron Open Vision is a Cross-Platform Presentation Layer based on .NET. It aims to provide a consistent, modern and powerful set of widgets and heavy components, to help you streamline the creation of advanced and portable applications and user interfaces. It aims to run on all major Operating Systems and integrate with already existing .NET-based presentation layers.
Nevron Open Vision is inspired by Open Standards related to Graphics, Text Processing, Document Organization, Styling, User Interfaces and other. This ensures the long life-cycle of the applications and user interfaces that are built with it.
NOV implements many W3C specifications, including Document Object Model (DOM), Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) and other. In fact the NOV presentation layer includes one of the few GUI toolkits, which are styled with CSS.
NOV integrates with already existing presentation layers, thus allowing the gradual porting of existing presentation layer code. It is now never too late to make your Presentation Layer portable.
NOV implements a complete and feature-rich set of cross-platform User Interface elements (widgets) that aims to completely eliminate the need to use any platform specific controls, that would ultimately bind your Presentation Layer to a specific platform/runtime, look-and-feel and API. Nevron Open Vision also includes a set of advanced controls to streamline your LOB application development and provide Enterprise quality to your projects.
Included UI components and controls:
- NOV UI Widgets for .NET
- NOV Rich Text Editor for .NET
- NOV Diagram for .NET
- NOV Barcode for .NET
- NOV Gauge for .NET
Nevron Open Vision
Nevron Open Vision
Version 2015
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